Organizational history and structure: C2 Global Professional Services, LLC (C2 GPS) was founded in 2010 with the belief that customers must have a meaningful and rewarding experience and the system must be responsive to the needs of all users and stakeholders. The company does not have “corporate offices”; we prefer to work out of the Career Centers we manage and stay close to operations. Our only line of work is the management and operations of workforce and child care contracts. C2 GPS offers a hybrid model of a Managing Director with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), supported by an Executive Team, present at the Career Centers, that intervenes when necessary or requested.


Unique qualifications and experience: The C2 GPS approach and service delivery model has a proven record of accomplishments, including in the Lower Rio, Tarrant County, Capital Area, Alamo, Brevard County (FL), Golden Crescent and Coastal Bend Workforce Development regions. 


Since the company’s founding, C2 GPS has met or exceeded all contracted performance measures each year of operation, with the exception of 2017, a transition year to WIOA. Additionally, we have been recognized by the industry as an innovative alternative to traditional Career Center service providers, and have assisted our Board Partners in winning the 2017 WIOA Trailblazer Award and the 2017 W.O. Lawton Business Leadership Award from the National Association of Workforce Boards (NAWB) and multiple (39) TWC Annual Awards.


Managing and Measuring Contract Results: We measure our success in achieving results by our ability to (1) continuously improve systems and achieve excellence in customer satisfaction, (2) enable Board partners to move beyond traditional workforce operations and to innovate, (3) attract and retain quality staff and build institutional knowledge, and (4) meet and exceed Board performance standards.

Recognized by the industry as an innovative alternative to traditional Career Center providers, C2 GPS has won 39 State Awards for outstanding performance, developing meaningful partnerships and investing in technology for the benefit of the customers and the workforce system.

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C2 GPS adds value for our customers by delivering results

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Customer Engagement

Our Vision

C2 GPS is the standard of excellence, innovation, and integrity.


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